Jelecos – Who We Are

Jelecos was founded in 2000. We offer full-stack IT solutions and are a leading AWS Advanced Consulting Partner in the region. This is our story.

Service Oriented Architecture for Website or Webservice

SecureCare Testimonial

Lou Andersen, CEO of SecureCare, talks about partnering with Jelecos for custom application development and a move to the AWS cloud.

The Evolution of Networking in AWS Public Cloud

Symmetry Lending Testimonial

Marty Crowley, CIO of Symmetry Lending, talks about working with Jelecos to get started with AWS.

Removing Barriers to the Cloud

Kyle Nelson, VP of Business Development at Jelecos, talks about removing barriers or perceived barriers to the cloud.

Windows Jumpstart to AWS

Moving Windows Workloads to AWS is easy with the right partner.

Windows Jumpstart for AWS

The people of Jelecos are experts in migrating some or all of a Customer’s work-loads or operations to AWS. We can help you build, deploy, scale, and manage Microsoft applications easily,

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Permissions Boundaries in AWS

Jelecos AWS Capabilities

Jelecos Cloud Optimizer

An Introduction to LogicMonitor

Setting up SFTP in AWS

Understanding Infrastructure and Applications

Jelecos Delivery Framework

Managing PCI Scope in the Cloud

4 Ways Jelecos Gives You a Competitive Advantage

PCI Strategy as a Competitive Advantage

Agility – Speed to Market

Fireside Chat

AWS Business Focus

Cloud Journey

Amazing Day

Understanding How IT Operates – The Black Box

IaaS- Cloud Solutions

What it Takes to Be PCI Compliant

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