Jelecos Cloud Journey

Many Points of Entry. One Journey.

We have spent over two decades focusing on creating and delivering solutions for companies like yours. In that time, we’ve seen a pattern emerge. A roadmap through the complex and always-changing world of digital transformation and technology solutions.

We call it the Jelecos Cloud Journey.

Starting Your Journey

We Have a Plan to Help

While each stage can and does build on the stage before it, the Jelecos Cloud Journey offers points of entry for organizations, no matter where they are. For some, our GamePlan process is needed before we can take even one step forward. For others, a Jumpstart program helps their innovation scale.

At Jelecos we have a plan to help. Jelecos Cloud Journey, supported by our Cloud Enablement Program offers four areas of entry to accommodate your business, wherever you are:


Your detailed roadmap to get everyone on the same page. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. This African proverb is aligned with our thinking behind the Game Plan, as part of the Cloud Journey at Jelecos. Ensuring everyone involved is moving in the right direction together is as crucial as the processes and steps you take on the technology side. When you have a GamePlan firmly in place, everyone goes further (and faster too!) Get your team on the right track with Jelecos Game Plan.


A proven series of steps to make your journey to the cloud smooth and successful. Our best practices foundation prepares your business for the cloud. This comprehensive set of processes, guidelines, discovery, and more makes the transition to the cloud as successful as possible. Start your journey with years of experience on your side. Gain efficiencies, plan strategy, create sustainable growth and timelines, and much more with Jelecos Jumpstart.

Migration Factory

A team designed to support your migration to the cloud. While it’s certainly possible to move to the cloud on your own, it can be so much easier with experienced and supportive partners. At Jelecos, our Migration Factory is just that. A certified team of experts custom-selected to walk with you, step-by-step through your cloud journey. Avoid pitfalls and leverage best practices with Jelecos Migration Factory.


An AWS certified team that focuses on your cloud while you focus on your business. Daily cloud operations can be a constant drain on your resources, but with a team of AWS certified experts at the helm, you can be assured that your cloud is in good hands. Our team will monitor, manage, and optimize your AWS environment while your team focuses on business outcomes.

Enjoy all of the benefits of the cloud without the operational burden. Rely on our CloudOps team, a uniquely skilled group of skilled experts.

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