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In a rapidly evolving IT world, having a well-informed view of the latest and greatest cloud-based opportunities is vital to cloud success. A cross-functional team responsible for developing and managing the cloud strategy, governance, methods, approaches, best practices, and knowledge is critical to capitalizing on the full potential of the cloud.

We’ve Guided Hundreds of Companies

We’ve guided hundreds of companies through the Cloud Journey via our Cloud Services offerings and our proven Cloud Journey program.

Cloud Success
Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Our Cloud Enablement Program supports everything we do. It’s a premium offering designed to make your organization a leader in cloud success.

We do this by becoming your integrated partner in cloud success through training, a dedicated technical account manager, a well-architected review, and access to the Jelecos Toolbox. In addition, we’ll help you build a Cloud Center of Excellence.

Cloud Center
of Excellence (CCoE)

A Cloud Center of Excellence is a team that ensures your organization gets the most out of its cloud infrastructure. The CCoE team defines and manages policies, analyzes cost, performance, usage, and security across environments, then makes recommendations on capacity planning, modeling, and forecasting.

CCoE Charter

The CCoE ensures everyone within an organization embraces a culture of cloud.

  • Standards
  • Guidelines
  • Policies/Procedures
  • Team Structure
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Cadence
  • Metrics

How We’re Taking the Cloud Center of Excellence Further For You

Project Planning + Prioritization

  • TCO Model
  • Set Migration/Evaluation Framework
  • Wave Planning

Cost Optimization Strategy

  • Establish Policies and Budgets
  • Define Purchase Options
  • Marketplace Optimization

Curated Thought Leadership

  • Finding and Delivering Relevant News
  • Researching White Papers, Articles,
    Etc., & Sharing Insights

Event Guidance

  • Representation at Industry Events
  • Attendee Guidance/Itinerary Maker

How Can Jelecos Help?

Jelecos has a full team of industry-leading, certified cloud experts who can develop, plan, and optimize your cloud operations with a Subscription Cloud Center of Excellence. We will facilitate your cloud journey and ensure that your organization is set up for success.

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