Cloud Operations

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The Optimal Performance Your Applications Demand.

We’re Specialists in Smooth, Efficient Operations

Making things run smoothly and efficiently. It’s what Jelecos has specialized in for decades. Our CloudOps team allows you to focus attention on your end users and navigate digital transformation with efficiency and confidence. Our DevOps team helps get you to market faster, reduce risk, add more value, and provide the speedy implementation of improvements.

Jelecos employs best-of-breed implementation skills from architecture to DevOps to maintenance, to make your Cloud Journey as smooth as possible.

  • Scalable & Available:
    Whatever your growth pattern is, we’ve got you covered.
  • Elastic & Efficient:
    Our DevOps team flexes with you and reduces costly overhead.
  • Agile & Accelerated:
    Our experts combine proven methodologies with cutting-edge agile processes.


We Understand Your Challenges

Jelecos works to understand your current DevOps challenges, objectives, methods and goals by closely aligning with your team. We partner with you to strategize and design a DevOps plan right for your needs. Our expert implementation service team is always ready to partner no matter what stage you’re in.

The Jelecos team of experienced DevOps experts take your strategy from vision to reality. We’re well-versed in best-in-class documentation and support processes, so you can foster adoption throughout your organization.

Our team can even manage your application development and delivery needs ongoingly, drastically reducing costly overhead while ensuring an efficient delivery process; accelerating your time to market.

Do you need to:

  • Ensure continuous software delivery?
  • Reduce the complexity of problems?
  • Find a faster way to resolve issues?
  • Create more stable operating environments?
  • Allow for more predictable releases?
  • Free up more time to add value instead of always fixing or maintaining?

Jelecos has resources, experts, and proven processes to help with every step of the journey. We focus on aligning the plan with your readiness, resources, and objectives and create a shared vision for the future.

Here for You, Wherever You Are

DevOps are part of the Jelecos Cloud Journey, supported by our Cloud Enablement Program, which offers four areas of entry to accommodate your business, wherever you are:


Our best practices foundation prepares your business for the cloud.


Your detailed roadmap to get everyone on the same page.

Migration Factory

A team designed to support your migration to the cloud!


An AWS certified team that focuses on your cloud while you focus on your business.

Our Products

Learn more about our products that incorporate digital transformation, or set up a free exploratory call with one of the AWS Cloud Migrations experts at Jelecos.


Helping You Achieve Operational AWS Excellence

Your business depends on the security, availability, and performance of your applications and infrastructure. We combine expert support with management services and optimization to help you achieve operational excellence on AWS.

With Jelecos CloudOps, you can focus on revenue-generating tasks and rely on our AWS certified team to manage your infrastructure and maximize ROI.

Do you need to?

  • Architect or re-architect the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure possible?
  • Ensure continuous compliance with proven security tools and compliance/audit support?
  • Need 24/7 monitoring and incident response from our AWS certified experts?
  • Implement cost oversight, optimal performance efficiency, and work toward 100% uptime and availability?

We’re committed to supporting your journey no matter your industry which is why we work in accordance in CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark, HIPAA, and PCI compliance models.

Our Products

Learn more about our digital transformation products, or set up a free exploratory call with one of the CloudOps experts at Jelecos.

AWS Training

Building Organization-Wide Cloud Proficiency Together

Jelecos is an AWS Certified Consulting Partner with deep Microsoft experience. We’ll work with your team to build organization-wide cloud proficiency.

Imagine teams speaking the same language across the enterprise, and being ahead of the curve. With Jelecos, we will help you build, implement, deploy, and scale your workloads effectively and securely, then work with your team in a secure environment designed for learning without any loss of productivity.

Accelerate your company’s cloud strategy with Jelecos AWS training. We integrate hands-on learning for your team while working within real environments. Jelecos AWS experts will guide your team as they develop the skills needed to support your cloud journey.

Why work with Jelecos to train on AWS?

  • Accelerate Cloud Strategy
  • Keep Pace With the Evolving Space
  • Drive Cloud Skill Development
  • Provide Valuable Education to Your Employees

Our Products

Learn more about AWS Training as part of the Jelecos Solutions offerings, or set up a free exploratory call with one of the AWS trainers at Jelecos.

Data Analytics

Unlocking the Strength of Your Data

Data analytics platforms are no longer the exclusive property of the enterprise. No matter the size of your company, understanding and leveraging the data that underpin your work is crucial.

Jelecos unique approach allows you to unlock the strength of your data by:

  • Simple and Intuitive. Gone are the complexities of yesteryear. Our data analytics experts will create a platform that your entire team can use.
  • Efficient and ROI-Focused. We know you don’t have years to get this up and running. Our approach is faster and more efficient than our competitors, saving you time and money.
  • Value-Based. Our clients save time by implementing faster than ever. How? We streamline development and create a management plan for:
  • Data Lakes
  • Data Warehouses
  • AI/ML/BI

Increase your data implementation, management, and efficiencies so your organization can leverage the power of data. Reduce your start-up timeline, costs maintenance, and development burdens. Begin driving innovation and strategy in your company, based on real-time data.

Our Products

Learn more about our products that incorporate digital transformation, or set up a free exploratory call with one of the data anaytics experts at Jelecos.

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