Application Services

Designed for Today’s Architecture and Design Philosophy

Application Modernization

Take the Next Step Toward the Future

Looking to get the most value from your existing applications? Feel your legacy applications need to be modernized without downtime? Jelecos will guide you through the process of determining the optimal modernization plan for your applications.


The process of breaking down a specific business process into smaller chunks and supporting those chunks with new-generation, cloud-native applications that enable IT to quickly deploy new functionality the company and users need.


This involves discarding the previous codebase and starting over with a blank slate. For critical applications, a cloud-native rewrite may be worthwhile. Jelecos will ensure everything is done right from the start.

Cloud Native

Building at the Speed of Business

Cloud-native application services allows you to take advantage of the cloud and move your business further. When you create a new application, you want it to work everywhere, all the time. Jelecos knows the power of a custom application written specifically to your business needs.



A software architectural style that structures an application as a collection of services that are easy to maintain and test, loosely coupled, and able to be deployed independently.

API-First Design

An approach to software design focused on the API to create applications that easily interface with each other, creating ecosystems of applications that are modular, reusable, and extensible.


A development framework that removes friction and tears down enterprise silos to speed software delivery cycles and improve quality.


Agile Infrastructure

IT infrastructure designed to support rapid deployment and provisioning, and incremental upgrades and improvements.

Application Migration

Making Improvements Has Never Been Easier

Application migrations allow you to ensure all of your cloud migrations happen without disruptions. Using industry-best tools, you can rest easy knowing a dedicated team of AWS certified experts manages the entire process. All in all, Jelecos handles your migrations with care.

Cloud Native Replatforming

By making only slight changes to your applications, you may be able to reap the benefits of cloud-native services.

Serverless Refactoring

Improve performance, quality, and maintainability of your applications by transforming them to be cloud-native. With this model you can expect a continuous and lasting return on investment.


If serverless isn’t possible, containers allow you to package an application and its dependencies so it can run reliably while being moved. Simplify and scale with ease by leveraging the advantages of orchestration frameworks such as Kubernetes.

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