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Jelecos Cloud Journey – New Video

Jelecos VP of Business Development, Kyle Nelson, shares information about the journey to the cloud. Jelecos Cloud Journey workshops are designed to help each organization find the right cloud strategy for their business. Jelecos is an AWS Certified Consulting Partner...

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AWS Amazing Day Omaha

Jelecos hosted AWS Amazing Day in Omaha, and moderated a panel discussion with Jerad Changstrom, VP of Cloud & Infrastructure for PaymentSpring and Rob Hruska, Engineering Director for Hudl. The event was held at Spirit World in Omaha, and concluded with a Battle of...

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Does multi-cloud mean hybrid cloud?

Hybrid cloud infrastructure grew out of the business need for both the scalability and flexibility of public cloud services combined with the increased security of private cloud ownership. But can every combination of public and private cloud call itself hybrid?  With...

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Disaster Recovery Solutions with HIPAA HITECH

Our Disaster Recovery Solutions At Jelecos, we have 3 levels of disaster preparedness. Learn how Jelecos disaster recovery and preparedness solutions with HIPPA HITECH can help you keep your application and its data secure. When You Need Disaster Recovery Do I Need...

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Leveraging Cloud Services in Healthcare

Untangle the HIPAA regulations with a proven and compliant IT partner HIPAA regulations continue to grow in scope and complexity, and managing a HIPAA compliant data environment can be a full-time job for your already-overworked IT staff. Jelecos is here to help: With...

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Secure Your Company’s Future

With Jelecos® PCI Compliant Hybrid Cloud Solutions, you can achieve your strategic business objectives without sacrificing security. Build a future-ready infrastructure without the pain of system redesign or staff retraining costs. View the webcast “PCI Application...

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Your Local PCI Compliance Vendor

At Jelecos, compliance is a big deal. We invest heavily in ensuring our products and services exceed compliance standards. We recognize data security is important to both you and your customers. Using our expertise in PCI DSS and HIPAA compliant applications and...

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