Event Start Date:
March 12, 2020
Event End Date:
March 12, 2020
Event Venue:
Embassy Suites Downtown Des Moines

Event Overview

Organizations with server-tied thinking sometimes struggle to embrace the many benefits of cloud computing. A focus on transforming legacy applications and cloud-native development can help organizations become more agile and efficient. At the end of this one-day training, your team will understand how to embrace these concepts to quickly capture business value and create sustainable and reliable systems.

Why Attend?

• Reduced total cost of ownership
• Better resiliency, security and robustness
• Increased agility
• Delivery confidence
• Speed-up time to market
• Change confidence


10 AM – Strategy Overview
•Leverage modern application development practices to accelerate business value/ROI
•Assessment of target teams and target applications
•Strategy sessions with the joint teams to determine the priorities/efforts
•Use Lighthouse projects to show short, pointed, outcomes of incremental modern application development practices in your organization
•Modern post-release operating and support models

11 AM – AWS Serverless Offerings Deep Dive
•Dive into the foundations of serverless, what it is and what it isn’t
•Understand the cost benefits of building and running serverless applications
•A sample serverless architecture, from idea to production application
•How to get started with serverless

12 PM – Lunch

12:30 PM – Hands-on Lab
•Attendees will use modern services like AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Fargate, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon EKS, etc. to experience CICD/Serverless/SDLC
•Lab will demonstrate the full lifecycle of software development, from idea to customer’s hands, delivered in an immutable, serverless architecture

3:30 PM – Q&A

4 PM – Happy hour at Iowa Taproom 

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