Digital Transformation

Why Jelecos?

Jelecos is a group of technology enthusiasts who get excited about bringing solutions to our clients. Headquartered in Omaha, NE, we are an industry leader in business technology solutions. Our talented team of developers, engineers, and strategists are recognized as some of the best in their field. Each individual’s skill set contributes to the mission of Jelecos and we believe business comes before technology.

Our Advisory Services

Digital Transformation

Jelecos will assist you in setting strategic goals that align with the long-term objectives of your business. We understand that a successful strategic plan must begin with and support your core business objectives. With any strategic planning, stakeholder buy-in is essential, which is why our “business first, technology second” approach will set you up for success. Jelecos’ Strategic Planning services will assist you in:

  • Defining and validating a technology road map
  • Thorough digital maturity analysis
  • Proactive planning in aiding technology adoption and maximizing ROI
  • Financial and performance benchmarking to understand how you stack up with peer organizations


With compliance being our primary focus, we understand the importance of maximizing your IT investments while ensuring compliance and security.

  • Cloud portfolio management
  • Budgeting and Financial Management
  • Vendor management and compliance

Business Alignment

Jelecos understands the importance of creating and managing a business-driven IT organization within your company. Along with enhancing the awareness of IT value to your business, we will assure that all Information Technology decisions contribute to your long-term objectives. Jelecos’ Business-IT Alignment services will assist you in:

Business Review
Jelecos will meet with your team and review all of your business functions, IT services and associated work streams, as well as all business processes and needs, goals and operational requirements.

Technology Review
An IT portfolio review, 3-year IT expense review, in-depth technology audit, and honest assessment of IT staff competency and performance.

Jelecos will provide direction for how best to employ limited IT resources to yield the most business value, and how to increase revenues, productivity, and efficiency.

We’re experts in financial and performance benchmarking to help you understand how you stack up with peer organizations.

We will guide you in making project and investment decisions based on value, while ensuring that your resources are responsibly allocated and maximized.

We will help you to implement standardized IT governance structures and policies, improving transparency and decision-making.

We will deliver the benefits of technology while ensuring compliance and security.

Jelecos willl lead you in improving return on IT investments, increasing operation efficiencies and reducing risk.


Due Diligence

IT due diligence is the process for discovering a clear and comprehensive picture of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a company’s IT infrastructure as well as evaluating risk. During the process, Jelecos will look for security risks, down time issues, and other IT related issues. Some key evaluation factors include:

  • IT Team
  • Technology
  • Revenue model
  • Distribution
  • Risks


Our unmatched benchmark data provides insight into the performance and business best practices of your peers and large-scale enterprises. Our IT benchmark revires offer a quick, thorough and objective way for executives to:

  • Understand current capabilities
  • Assess performance as it relates to business plans and value
  • Highlight areas of opportunity
  • Identify and address areas of risk
  • Plan improvements based on recommendations

Why Jelecos?


We have managed IT operations for enterprises for more than 15 years. In addition to being an AWS Consulting Partner with advanced DevOps capabilities, we can also help companies bridge the gap between legacy technology and practices and the cloud. We offer the right people – right cloud.


As one of the only service providers in the region with third-party PCI certifications in both infrastructure and application development, we provide end-to-end compliance solutions.

Dedicated DevOps Team

Our DevOps Team is experienced in building and deploying enterprise-grade software and IT automation. With our focus on business first, you can rest assured that our focus is on the best solution for your business operations.


Years in Business

$5 billion in annual secure payment transactions

Average years of experience of our certified senior engineers

Successfully delivered projects

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