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Core AWS Services

Jelecos is a technology solutions provider focused on maximizing business value with a philosophy of business first, technology second. We are an AWS Certified Consulting Partner and Reseller with certified technical resources. Jelecos also has AWS Service Delivery designation for Amazon EC2 for Windows Server.



Application Modernization

The Jelecos team re-purposes or consolidates legacy software programming to align them more closely with current business needs including deployment into AWS.


Microsoft Workload Migration

We are experts in migrating some or all of a Customer’s work-loads or operations to AWS. We can help you build, deploy, scale, and manage Microsoft applications easily, quickly, securely and cost-effectively. Learn More>>


Backup and Recovery

We design and deliver secured, scalable, and lasting storage into AWS for companies looking for efficient and scalable backup and recovery solutions.


Database Migration

Our team of experts can migrate your data to and from the most commonly used commercial and open-source databases quickly and securely, utilizing AWS.

Business Case 1

Opportunity: Ashbaugh Center for Therapy had their clinical ERP system (Medisoft) hosted in a local co-location facility and wanted to investigate moving that application into AWS for ease of management and cost efficiency.

Jelecos Solution: Jelecos moved Medisoft to AWS by setting up an EC2 instance to support the Medisoft (Microsoft Windows Workload). We also implemented CloudWatch to provide monitoring and reporting for the EC2 environment.
AWS Environment: EC2 Server, CloudWatch, AWS VPC

Outcome: Ashbaugh Center for Therapy reduced their costs by moving their application to AWS and away from their co-location partner. The AWS functionality allows them to run their business without interruption and it is easy to use and predict performance.

Business Case 2

Opportunity: A start-up Financial Services business needed an initial IT footprint stood up, to support their launch. Initially, they wanted to be able to stand up their website, provide their users with access for Windows environments and provision storage for database development and a future Microsoft Dynamics – Great Plains back office implementation.

Jelecos Solution: Jelecos stood up their initial IT footprint, allowing them to launch their day-to-day business activities, including website deployment, Active Directory services and servers to support database development and future back office ERP implementations, in a redundant environment.

AWS Environment: AWS Cloud Formation, S3, EC2, CloudWatch, AWS VPC, WordPress MySQL

Outcome: The company was able to quickly stand up their IT environment to begin business operations. The stand-up was completed by Jelecos in days and allowed them to feel confident that the business launch would not be impacted.

Jelecos AWS Competency

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Competencies in Progress:

  • DevOps
  • Microsoft Workloads
  • Migration

Microsoft EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server Consulting

Deep Application and Infrastructure expertise

Windows Rapid Migration Program


Full AWS Engineer and DevOps Team

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners
  • AWS Certified Developers – Associate
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architects – Associate
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineers – Professional
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architects – Professional

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Our AWS Certified Engineers help businesses lower cloud costs by quickly automating IT operations and optimizing resources with expert support and tools.


We help companies get the most value from their existing applications. Our team will guide you through the process to keep your application running smoothly and securely.


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