Untangle the HIPAA regulations with a proven and compliant IT partner
HIPAA regulations continue to grow in scope and complexity, and managing a HIPAA compliant data environment can be a full-time job for your already-overworked IT staff. Jelecos is here to help: With our compliant infrastructure built on the unstoppable security of dual Tier III data centers, Jelecos can help you untangle the complex rules and requirements of the HIPAA standard and get you back to the business of doing business. Take a moment to watch the Leveraging Cloud Services in Healthcare webinar to learn more about how Jelecos can save you time and money, while freeing vital IT cycles and better securing your HIPAA-sensitive data.

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How We Can Help You Gain A Competitive Advantage

4 Ways Jelecos gives You a Competitive Advantage

With all the publicity around data security lately, HIPAA Compliance is being sought after like never before. Our experience and deep domain expertise helps you navigate through the complex world of compliance. Learn how we deliver reliable HIPPA solutions.

Tools To Help Make You The Right Decision

We Help You Convert Business Spend Into Technology Value

With 15 years of experience providing a HIPAA compliant infrastructure and app development we have specific tools to help you understand the value and ROI of your investment. View this short video overview to see if we can help you make better, smarter decisions faster.

Why Black Box Is Unacceptable When It Comes To PCI

Get Visibility Into the Black Box

The ‘Black Box’ represents the lack of visibility into IT complexities for business leaders when making strategic decisions. Understanding the impact is critical. Find out why from our CEO Leon Thomas.

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