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Case Study: Application Development

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Nelnet Business Solutions provides tuition management services for K-12 schools, campus commerce solutions for higher education institutions, and payment processing solutions for municipalities. Their comprehensive suite of services includes automated billing and payment processing, commerce management, tuition payment plans, financial aid assessment, cashiering solutions, and student refunds.

Business Challenge

As the world’s largest processor of student loans, Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS) needed to manage a deep and disparate store of customer data, consolidate their unique product lines and reconcile complex reports on a daily basis.  Based in Lincoln, Nebraska, NBS was eager to work with a local and trusted technology partner that could closely collaborate with their own developers to create a seamless, customized application. With tight timelines and few in-house developer resources to spare, NBS trusted Jelecos with this large and revenue-impacting project.

Jelecos Solution

Jelecos deployed a comprehensive Discovery process and a dedicated Application Services team to assist NBS in understanding their complete business needs. Through constant collaboration with the customer, Jelecos delivered a scalable, dynamic and intelligent application that allows Nelnet to more quickly and efficiently assist their customers.


Through a comprehensive Discovery process, Jelecos helped NBS untangle their complex data to better understand their own business


Built a scalable, resilient and customizable application to meet the customer’s specific business needs


Deployed industry-leading Logi Business Analytics to quickly and accurately parse data into discrete and reportable fields, giving NBS and their customers access to crucial reporting data

The Results

By delivering a custom application package ahead of schedule while meeting all the project specifications and demands, Jelecos equipped Nelnet Business Solutions to assist their customers in a more timely and efficient manner, while cutting operational costs. By consolidating previously disparate data sources and deploying sophisticated Business Intelligence tools for parsing and reporting, Jelecos created a single reconciliation tool that has vastly improved how NBS does business with its clients. And by building an application that NBS now resells to its own client base, Jelecos has created a new revenue stream for Nelnet Business Solutions.

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