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Case Study: Managed Security & Compliance

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Hap-X provides an automated payment exchange to their clients with immediate, objective and measurable results. Hap-X’s universal platform provides both operating and financial improvements for suppliers and customers of their channel partners.

Business Challenge

Before Hap-X could provide a state-of-the-art automated payment processing platform for their clients, they needed to ensure that their code and the platform upon which it runs was secure and fully compliant with complex Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. But with their business growth accelerating, Hap-X could no longer meet the growing demands placed on their IT resources, and had neither the time, resources or PCI-specific know-how to build and host a Compliant environment from scratch.

Jelecos Solution

As one of the few service providers in the region that is third-party PCI certified in both infrastructure and application development methodologies, Jelecos was in a unique position to build a complete and secure solution stack for Hap-X: A custom-coded application built with immediate, Day 1 PCI Compliance in mind.


Custom application development natively built to PCI Compliance standards


Application hosted in PCI-compliant Test/Development and Production Environments for secure, seamless deployment


Designed and implemented application and architecture improvements specific to PCI Compliance requirements


Streamlined software development and release process

The Results

By combining a robust Managed Security and Compliance environment with custom Application Development built for their business needs, Hap-X was able to get back to the business they do best. Their partnership with Jelecos allows Hap-X to quickly streamline their software development and release processes, paving the way for over two billion dollars a year in transactions and the implementation of a more secure and easily manageable application.


Better, faster and more efficient application deployment


New white label services for Hap-X customers


Fully-outsourced IT solution built on trust, with a complete understanding of the customer’s application and security needs

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