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Enterprise Commodity Management Firm Makes Complete Transformation to AWS

Jelecos began the Cloud Journey process, including the completion of a customized AWS Landing Zone and project plans for a Workspaces POC and the deployment of the Jelecos Migration Factory.
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Amazon Web Services


Better Data Management

The project successfully met Sonifi’s goals and technical requirements, yielding a cost-effective solution for gathering and processing data from hundreds of sources and in numerous formats.
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Amazon Web Services


Launching a Client Portal

Knowing it needed to gain access to and manage this client information, SecureCare chose Jelecos to develop & host the portal.
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Application Development


An Intelligent Application

Jelecos delivered a scalable, dynamic and intelligent application that allows Nelnet to quickly & efficiently assist their customers.
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The Maids:

Disaster Recovery

The Maids looked to the Cloud for a faster, easier and more cost-effective means of securing their data backups.
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Travel and Transport:


Jelecos was able to quickly provision a storage container that met Travel and Transport’s immediate needs, without sacrificing critical day-one performance.
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Managed Security & Compliance


Staying Compliant

Jelecos helped GHX ensure their code and the platform upon which it runs was secure fully compliant with complex PCI standards.
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Amazon Web Services

Symmetry Lending

Born in the Cloud

Symmetry Lending partnered with Jelecos to build its IT platform from the ground up.
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