The Jelecos Ability Framework™ – Helping Companies Navigate PCI Compliance

This webcast explains how we use Hybrid Sourcing and our Jelecos Ability Framework™ to:

  • Increase Your Speed to Market
  • Lower Your Compliance Burden
  • Develop a Competitive Advantage
  • Increase Payment Volume

Check out the tabs below for additional innovations that Jelecos’ 15 years of experience and billions of transactions processed can deliver to your organization.

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Transact16 In A Nutshell

As proud members of the ETA – thank you for joining us at TRANSACT16 this year! We enjoyed our time meeting with you and collaborating in all the breakout sessions and on the tradeshow floor.

If we didn’t get a chance to meet at the show, we would love to connect with you by phone or email. We’d like to share more about how Jelecos can help you make strategic and efficient business decisions around IT infrastructure and build a successful PCI team to accelerate your payment volume.

Meet Leon Thomas, CEO of Jelecos

4 Ways Jelecos Gives You a Competitive Advantage

With all the publicity around data security lately, PCI Compliance is being sought after like never before. Our experience and deep domain expertise help you navigate through the complex world of compliance. Learn how we deliver reliable PCI solutions.

Making Business Decisions Around PCI

We Help You Convert Business Spend Into Technology Value

With 15 years of experience providing PCI compliant infrastructure and app development, we have specific tools to help you understand the value and ROI of your investment. View this short video overview to see if we can help you make better, smarter decisions faster.

Why Black Box Is Unacceptable When It Comes To PCI

Get Visibility Into the Black Box

The ‘Black Box’ represents the lack of visibility into IT complexities for business leaders when making strategic decisions. Understanding the impact is critical. Find out why.

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