Jelecos has a 15 year track record delivering PCI compliant solutions. You can trust Jelecos to immediately improve your teams ability to deliver PCI Compliance without the Black Box.

  • We will deliver the applications
  • We will deliver the infrastructure
  • We will deliver it transparently
  • We provide strategy and education to help you make the right decisions

What’s Most Critical?

Why Both Infrastucture and App Development are both Critical to Your Success

A quick summary from our CEO Leon Thomas of why Jelecos believes you need to plan for infrastructure simultaneously when developing your PCI compliant applications.

For additional insights, feel free to check out our FAQ page.

Tools to Help You Make the Right Decision

We Help You Convert Business Spend Into Technology Value

With 15 years of experience providing PCI compliant infrastructure and app development we have specific tools to help you understand the value and ROI of your investment. View this short video overview to see if we can help you make better, smarter decisions faster.

PCI Infrastructure Checklist

PCI Compliance Is Hard. But We Help Make It Easier.

View the links below to learn more about PCI compliance so you know what questions you need to ask to ensure you are building both a scalable and compliant solution.

Get a quick overview of the specific areas in which we can support your compliance projects with cloud, application, and advisory services.

Delivery Framework

Combining Dev Ops And Strategy For Seamless ROI Driven PCI Compliance

The Jelecos Ability Framework™ is a proven methodology designed to allow you to leverage technology to appropriately support your business and compliance goals. Be Faster. Be Smarter. Be more efficient. Build a better team.


Customer Stories

Our Solutions Process Billions Of Compliant Transactions A Year

Jelecos has a 15 year track record helping our customers develop PCI compliant applications and scalable infrastructure. We understand your challenges both as executives and IT professionals. Our combination of application development infrastructure and strategy services help you break down the silos that cause the Black Box to create a path to a measurable ROI. Visit our case study landing page to learn more.

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