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The Potential Impact a PCI Compliance Initiative May Have on Innovation and Agility

Who you partner with and how you work together can have have significant impact on your core business. Hear what Leon Thomas, CEO of Jelecos has to say about the subject.

Determining if a Cloud Solution is Right for You

It might not be as straightfoward as you think. There are multiple moving parts that must be considered in answering this question. With each application and every situation demanding unique attention, it’s important to get it right. Find out what questions need to be asked before making the move to the Cloud.

How and Why Infrastructure-as-a-Service Can Help You

The scope of a PCI Compliant environment can often be under-appreciated. Learn how Jelecos services gives you visibility into the black box – improving efficiencies and your time to market.

The Three Temperatures of Disaster Recovery

Do you know the three stages of Disaster Recovery? Are you equipped to handle each of them? Ensure your core business stays on track regardless of what threats may come.

PCI Strategy as a Competitive Advantage

Data security is topping today’s headlines. As customers become more concerned about their information being safe, PCI Compliance plays a competitive role in their buying choices. Learn how your company can lead the industry with Jelecos.

4 Ways Jelecos Gives You A Competitive Advantage

Find out the different ways you can win customers and grow your business by implementing an effective PCI Compliant solution.

Managing PCI Scope in the Cloud

Listen to Clay Major from the Jelecos team talk about setting and managing your PCI Scope and how the Jelecos approach helps you streamline your PCI strategy.

Solving the Ongoing Challenge of Data Security

As your business grows, so do the demands placed on your IT resources. Jelecos® offers expertise in PCI and HIPAA compliant applications and infrastructure. You won’t have to find the time to adequately develop a compliant environment from scratch. Let Jelecos® deliver the solutions you need.

It’s Your Information. Keep It Safe.

Third-party PCI certified in both infrastructure and application development methodologies, Jelecos® is uniquely qualified to offer robust Managed Security and Compliance Environments along with custom Application Development built for your specific business needs.

Discover how Jelecos® can help your team design, store and deploy applications safely in the cloud.

Understanding PCI Compliant Infrastructure and Applications

Wondering if your infrastructure and app development meets today’s most rigorous PCI Compliance standards? Watch our video to help answer your questions.

PCI and the Cloud

Moving your infrastructure to the cloud doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice data security. Learn more about how to stay PCI Compliant in the cloud in this video by Leon Thomas, CEO of Jelecos.

Compliance and the Hybrid Cloud

Reduce your PCI scope and cut capital expenses. Jelecos can show you how to gain efficiencies, augment your overworked IT staff, and lessen your PCI scope by putting the power of the hybrid cloud to work in your computing environment. Watch the video above to learn more about Compliance and the Hybrid Cloud.

What It Takes To Be PCI Compliant

You’re here because you have concerns or questions about PCI Compliance. You’ve come to the right place. Watch the video above to hear what Leon Thomas, CEO of Jelecos says it takes to thrive in today’s business world when it comes to PCI Compliance.

4 Ways Jelecos Gives You A Competitive Advantage

Wondering how Jelecos can give your business a competitive advantage? Leon Thomas, CEO of Jelecos gives you four ways in this brief video.

Disaster Recovery Planning for Compliance

Protect Your Assets and Stay Compliant. DR planning makes good business sense. For many organizations, particularly in the healthcare industry, it’s also required for compliance with various legislative acts and industry standards.

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