Case Studies On Our PCI Application Development and Infrastructure

As your business grows, so do the demands placed on your IT resources. Hear how some of our Jelecos® clients benefited from our expertise in PCI and HIPAA compliant applications and infrastructure. Then contact us to learn how Jelecos® can deliver the solutions you need.



  • Custom Application For World's Largest Student Loan Processor
  • Managed Compliant Infrastructure With No Cap Ex Investment
  • PCI Compliance Testing And Validation
  • Storage-as-a-Service

NELNET: Offering Federal and Private Education Loans

Jelecos deployed a comprehensive Discovery process and a dedicated Application Services team to assist NBS in understanding their complete business needs. Through constant collaboration with the customer, Jelecos delivered a scalable, dynamic and intelligent application that allows Nelnet to more quickly and efficiently assist their customers.

EnsoCare: Healthcare PCI Compliance

With their innovative healthcare management platform rapidly consuming IT resources and causing server sprawl throughout various data facilities, Ensocare was too focused on managing and maintaining existing hardware and the IT problems they created. Vital development resources better spent moving the company forward were being wasted in a daily effort to support a sprawling and outdated infrastructure, costing Ensocare time, money and manpower.

V Financial Automated Payment Processing

Before V Financial could provide a state-of-the-art automated payment processing platform for their clients, they needed to ensure that their code and the platform upon which it runs was secure and fully compliant with complex Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. But with their business growth accelerating, V Financial could no longer meet the growing demands placed on their IT resources, and had neither the time, resources or PCI-specific know-how to build and host a Compliant environment from scratch.

Travel and Transport gets on board with Jelecos Storage-as-a-Service

By quickly delivering available storage in flexible performance tiers with no Capital Expense and a clear path for growth, Jelecos provided Travel and Transport a powerful storage solution that met their aggressive timelines, while exceeding performance expectations. Working together as technology partners, Jelecos and Travel and Transport have built a relationship that will better align Travel and Transport’s technology spend to their core business needs.