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Why Your Business Should Join the Cloud

There's been a lot of buzz about cloud-based computing lately, but if you're still in the dark on this one don’t worry, you’re not alone. First, the basics. What exactly is 'The Cloud'? The 'cloud' is a massive physical infrastructure of IT resources that are accessed...

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Nelnet Partners with Jelecos

We're excited to finally announce our partnership with Nelnet Business Solutions! Headquartered in Lincoln, NE, Nelnet provides tuition management services for K-12 schools, campus commerce solutions for higher education institutions, and payment processing solutions...

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How a Small Business Benefits from IaaS

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is an IT model in which a company outsources IT equipment, rather than purchasing and maintaining in-house. In this model, it is the service provider, not the business, that owns the equipment and is responsible its storage and...

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