Jelecos is a highly respected leader in delivering value through business technology.

We deliver value by building long term relationships, consistently producing superior results, and passionately driving innovative solutions. We believe these three elements are essential to create lasting value for our associates, our clients, our partners and our shareholders.

Core Values

Faith, Self, Family, Jelecos.

At Jelecos, we recognize your beliefs, your health, and your family are what make you a force of creative and technical talent – ready to enrich our company and delight our customers. So take care of first things first. Then come to work ready to get down to business.

Contribute. Get involved.

Don’t sit on the sidelines. Do something that’s meaningful to you.  Something that’s bigger than you. Make our company, our industry, our community better than you found them. Make a difference.

Deliver more than expected.

We are what we deliver. Be sure you understand what the customer needs and wants. Then blow away those expectations with brilliant customer-focused solutions that make their day, and their business, better than they ever thought possible.

Make it fun & make it count.

At Jelecos, we know when it’s fun, it’s better. And when you care, it’s better.  It’s more creative. More customer-focused. More efficient. More effective. So in all you do, bring passion, smarts, grit, and the audacity to laugh when others would cry.

Be open & get on the same page.

What matters most is that we communicate openly and honestly. It’s up to each of us to share the knowledge and information we have, and to seek out what we don’t. We won’t always agree, but pulling in the same direction is an essential component of our success. So speak up!

Invest & trust in the team.

Trust and a common purpose – things that make good teams great. Our teams are strong because they are built with people who know their stuff. Refrain from working in a silo. Bring your experience and knowledge to the table, and know that you can expect the same from the rest of us.

Push your limits. Grow & learn.

Never stop learning. To stay in the game, you must continue to build skill on top of talent, to test old ideas, and find new answers. Feed your sense of curiosity. Challenge yourself every day to realize your potential.

Make decisions & own them.

You may not get it right the first time. But the only certain way to get it wrong is to do nothing. Be decisive, move fast and completely own your choices. Then share what you’ve learned, no matter the outcome.

Initiate the next great idea.

When you get right down to it, it’s all about results.  In reality, last week’s results are like last year’s newspaper – nobody remembers the headlines or the box scores. To stay relevant and win long term, we must actively seek out new ways of doing and thinking. Every day. Never stop.

Show respect & be real.

Be fearless, show respect and be yourself. Make it easy for others to do the same. Bottom line – don’t be a jerk.