Find Your Fit

Every role in our company has a function and purpose. While our job descriptions are different, we are all working towards the same goal. Ready to start your career with us?

  • Service Desk Intern

    The Service Desk Intern is the ‘face and voice’ of Jelecos to our clients. The role is responsible for providing “service excellence” to our clients through responsive, quality, and professional client support conducted by answering and making phone calls, communicating via emails, creating and resolving service desk cases.

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  • Senior App Developer

    Jelecos is seeking a Senior Application Developer who possesses solid analytical, critical thinking, and issue-resolution skills within multi-product/multi-environment levels. Enjoy a fun, casual culture that embraces passion for work, communication, and trustworthiness. You will design, develop, and test new and enhanced software solutions using Microsoft .NET technologies (C#).

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  • Sales and Marketing

    Building great products and services is one thing, but getting it into the hands of our clients is another. Our Sales and Marketing team are the people who keep the company’s bloodstream flowing. This fast-paced department adapts to change and brings fresh energy into the company.

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  • Application Development

    Jelecos truly believes in and cherishes the certain special human who makes up a developer. Developers make up their own breed, and we applaud that. Work somewhere where your funky personality and quirks are looked highly upon, where “nerd” is a compliment, and Chuck Taylors are always welcome.

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  • Infrastructure Services

    This team of hard-workers ensure our clients are happy and make sure things run smoothly internally. Between persistent monitoring and their quick problem-solving skills, Infrastructure Services is often seen as the go-to team. This department is for those who want to learn and grow in their field and enjoy the challenge of problem solving.

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  • Accounting and Human Resources

    The Accounting and Human Resources department is not an afterthought here. We need people to crunch the numbers, keep us from violating work laws, and support us from behind the scenes. And as a smaller, tight-knit company, HR and Accounting are actively involved in the everyday activity of the business.

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