As the scope of PCI compliance continues to creep, the cost of maintaining compliancy throughout your network grows as well: more layers of security, stricter network separation and segmentation, deeper and more comprehensive monitoring, and on and on. If there was ever a time to realize the broad economies of scale in a secured Cloud.. Read All >

Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Data Center Provider

Looking for a data center provider? Don’t know where to start? We agree: weighing the complex criteria can be a bit overwhelming when you must meet all your business needs. Modern IT infrastructure is as demanding as ever, and with cloud computing skyrocketing (no pun intended), data center decisions are becoming increasingly more important. Your.. Read All >

Why Your Business Should Join the Cloud

There’s been a lot of buzz about cloud-based computing lately, but if you’re still in the dark on this one don’t worry, you’re not alone. First, the basics. What exactly is ‘The Cloud’? The ‘cloud’ is a massive physical infrastructure of IT resources that are accessed via the Internet; an infrastructure that is rapidly replacing.. Read All >


2014 was the year hacking transcended Trojan childishness and Anonymous hacktivism to become a Clear and Present Danger to our national security, or at least to our sovereign right to watch stupid James Franco movies. Once the bailiwick of blackhat supernerds in the NSA’s basement, cybersecurity is now State of the Union material, a priority.. Read All >

Four Things to Remember for PCI Compliant Application Development

Your business is branching out and becoming more unique by the day.  You need individualized applications in order to meet your needs.  This is where PCI compliant application development comes into play.  Many organizations assume PCI compliance is an infrastructure-only concern, which is simply not the case.  To be compliant, applications must start with these.. Read All >

PCI Compliant Cloud Hosting Providers Ensure Your Data is Secure

Many of today’s businesses have realized significant benefits of storing data in the cloud. However, the question of how comfortable we are with service providers storing our sensitive information is a major issue. One of the more critical areas is that of credit card data. To address this issue, the PCI Security Standards Council was.. Read All >