Business Benefits of Automation and Orchestration

Business Benefits of Automation and Orchestration Many of the business benefits of cloud computing can be attributed to two key components: automation and orchestration. Although virtualized environments allow you to save on hardware and software costs, they cannot, by themselves, deliver other benefits such as business agility, scalability, reduced labor and administrative costs, faster time-to-market,.. Read All >

Why Total Cost of Ownership Is Essential for Enterprise Technology

Why Total Cost of Ownership Is Essential for Enterprise Technology   Generally speaking, enterprise technology solutions require significant investments. Some may appear cost effective and simple decisions; but in reality, they’re not. That’s why it’s important to establish the true Total Cost of Ownership of a given product before you make a buying decision. Only.. Read All >

Our Data Center

Our featured partner is the Scott Data Center. It was built to meet Department of Defense security criteria. It is Nationally recognized as a leader in the industry, Scott Data Center is one of only two multi-tenant data center in the United States to receive Tier III Certification in both design and construction from the Uptime.. Read All >

Disaster Recovery Solutions

At Jelecos, we have 3 levels of disaster preparedness. Jelecos disaster recovery and preparedness solutions can help you keep your application and its data secure, while keeping your solution PCI compliant. There are three levels of back-up. Simple back up, disaster recovery, business continuity. Each is associated with a temperature. Tier 1: Simple back up (cold).. Read All >


Today’s PCI Compliant computing environment is an ever-changing mix of complex security practices, detailed log and file management and physical access controls that can overwhelm even the most seasoned compliance expert. And falling out of step with even one PCI-DSS regulation can put your entire customer base at risk and spell disaster for your business… Read All >


As the scope of PCI compliance continues to creep, the cost of maintaining compliancy throughout your network grows as well: more layers of security, stricter network separation and segmentation, deeper and more comprehensive monitoring, and on and on. If there was ever a time to realize the broad economies of scale in a secured Cloud.. Read All >