• Four Things to Remember for PCI Compliant Application Development

    by Leon Thomas | Sep 03, 2013
    Your business is branching out and becoming more unique by the day. You need individualized applications in order to meet your needs. This is where PCI compliant application development comes into play. Many organizations assume PCI compliance is an infrastructure-only concern, which is simply not the case. To be compliant, applications must start with these four principles.
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  • PCI Compliant Cloud Hosting Providers Ensure Your Data is Secure

    by Leon Thomas | Aug 28, 2013
    Many of today’s businesses have realized significant benefits of storing data in the cloud. However, the question of how comfortable we are with service providers storing our sensitive information is a major issue. One of the more critical areas is that of credit card data. To address this issue, the PCI Security Standards Council was created to ensure that the proper steps are being taken for to protect cardholder data.
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  • Private Cloud Design: Drawing from forecast to formation

    by Leon Thomas | May 31, 2013
    Private cloud design has been heavily forecast with the growing demand for co-location, expanding storage scale and optimum flexibility in cloud computing. Businesses are moving from the traditional data-center architecture to custom-designed platforms for ultimate flexibility in performance and scalability.
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  • How A Small Business Benefits From IaaS

    by Leon Thomas | May 25, 2013
    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is an IT model in which a company outsources IT equipment, rather than purchasing and maintaining in-house. In this model, it is the service provider, not the business, that owns the equipment and is responsible its storage and operations.
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  • Meaningful Use and HIPAA Compliance is Crucial

    by Leon Thomas | May 03, 2013
    If you are in the business of health care, you are undoubtedly preoccupied with all of the regulatory and coding changes on the horizon. There are the recent changes to the CPT, ICD and DSM to worry about. In addition, there are also the looming EHR deadlines that will making Meaningful Use compliance crucial.
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  • Ability Session: The Future of Leadership

    by Sarah Tucker | Apr 29, 2013
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