The Great IT Divide: Why You Need a BTA

Sometimes it seems that IT speaks a much different language than that of other departments within the same company. It’s not just the industry jargon and buzzwords. IT often fails to discuss its initiatives and needs in a way that the rest of a company can understand, which is in the language of business benefit and the value.

To gain management support, IT professionals must be able to clearly convey what an IT initiative will do or how it will contribute to an organization’s profitability, business processes, products and services, and overall efficiency. Consider this scenario: IT is pushing for virtualizing the company’s IT infrastructure, touting the significant cost savings and the freeing up for IT resources as the rationale for doing so. That’s all good and fine, but to the rest of the company the endeavor is an IT-centric project that will only benefit IT. However, when IT talks about the project as something that can provide valuable benefits throughout the entire company, management starts listening. 

For example, virtualization becomes more of a true business benefit when management learns that it can increase employee’s work flexibility and productivity. By using virtual desktops that can accessed from any Web browser, employees can work from anywhere, any time — and the nature of these virtual desktops allows for greater security. There’s also the fact that most server virtualization platforms offer advanced features that just aren’t found on physical servers, which can help with business continuity and increased uptime.

BTA’s to the Rescue
HandshakeNumerous studies bear out the communication gap between IT and other departments. According to the CIO Executive Council’s ‘Power of Effective IT Communication’ benchmark survey only four out of 100 said they are highly effective in communicating with their non-IT colleagues. One way to change that is with a business technology assessment (BTA)

A BTA documents the technologies currently in place within an organization, how they are used, and the value they bring to the company. It evaluates business processes and assesses how well currently technologies support these processes — and helps identify how technologies can be better used to achieve more optimal results. In essence, a BTA puts technology in a common language that everyone in a company can understand.

The structure and content of a BTA varies based on the company conducting the exercise. Many employ a standard process they apply to all organizations, regardless of size, industry, structure or business requirements. Others tailor their processes to their customers’ specific needs. The most comprehensive BTAs are those that involve representatives from all areas of a company, as well as IT, to ensure all perspectives and business/IT requirements are included. This is particularly important for companies that are subject to regulatory requirements such as HIPAA/HITECH and PCI DSS as these requirements may not be known to many within an organization although failure to meet them can result in hefty fines.

Results to Expect
Checking the boxesA BTA can demystify IT to executives and stakeholders, and show how IT applications, technologies and services can contribute to business objectives now and in the future. It can provide direction for how best to employ limited IT resources to yield the most business value, and how to increase revenues, productivity and efficiency.

The assessment can also assist in identifying technologies, services, and processes to optimize business results and achieve goals, helping organizations maximize asset utilization and extract every dollar from their enterprise IT systems. In addition, a BTA can lay the groundwork for a better working relationship between IT and the rest of the business —particularly among management, with recommendations for enhanced communications and shared goal setting.

Why Choose Jelecos
Jelecos is distinctive among the many technology and business consulting companies that offer BTAs. As an IT infrastructure solution provider and application developer, Jelecos stays at the forefront of emerging technologies and best practices across a wide array of industries. For more than 16 years, the company has worked with C-level executives and IT professionals at numerous organizations to help them leverage the right technologies to support their businesses and achieve their goals.

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