As the scope of PCI compliance continues to creep, the cost of maintaining compliancy throughout your network grows as well: more layers of security, stricter network separation and segmentation, deeper and more comprehensive monitoring, and on and on. If there was ever a time to realize the broad economies of scale in a secured Cloud Computing environment, that time is now, and Jelecos can help: With Secure Multi-Tenancy technology from NetApp, Jelecos provides high-performance shared data storage in a PCI Compliant environment.

By leveraging NetApp’s native Secure Multi-Tenancy (SMT) technology across our best-in-class storage fabric, Jelecos is able to provide dedicated silo-style security in a shared storage pool, providing the economies of scale you need to reduce cost without sacrificing security. NetApp looks at secured multi-tenancy as consisting of four “pillars,” each of which is key in supporting a truly secured storage environment:

Availability. Build a resilient architecture to meet compute, network, and storage requirements of high availability, fault tolerance, and redundancy
Secure separation. Enable separation across tenants and increase security and access across tenants to avoid data loss and unauthorized access
Service assurance. Deliver consistent SLAs across compute, storage, and network
Management. Simplify end-to-end management of shared resources

Security experts and IT generalists alike will recognize many of the components that make up this secured environment: firewalls and access lists, log management and policy enforcement, and isolated, segmented network layers combine to keep each unique tenant logically and physically separated from one another.

And NetApp puts their experience and reputation on the line to back up these design pillars, receiving third-party certifications from the International Computer Security Association (ICSA) and building a worldwide network of strategic and delivery partners like Jelecos to service your compliant data needs.

Give Jelecos a call today at 402.955.0489 or click here to contact us online, and let us tell you how Jelecos can provide PCI compliant-ready data storage for your business.

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