At Jelecos, we have 3 levels of disaster preparedness. Jelecos disaster recovery and preparedness solutions can help you keep your application and its data secure, while keeping your solution PCI compliant.

There are three levels of back-up. Simple back up, disaster recovery, business continuity. Each is associated with a temperature.

tempTier 1: Simple back up (cold) is moving you place from one place to another. Getting you data outside of your environment and into the cloud.

Tier 2: Disaster recovery (warm) is like an insurance policy against failure but you’re not really paying for the entire compute stack that you need to run that environment.

Tier 3: Business continuity (hot) it is running hot-hot or active-active. It’s a real time duplicate of your environment. So when your environment crashes, you are able to come up – almost instantaneously in a cloud based environment.

Deciding with option is best for your business can be tough, but Jelecos has years of experience with helping businesses determine the best solution that is right for your business needs. Having a proper back up system is very important, especially if you are under strict compliance constraints. There are steps that can be taken to help you figure out the best solution.

First, start by asking yourself these questions:

  1. How will the business be impacted if there were to be a disaster?
  2. How much will my bottom line be impacted?
  3. How would a disaster impact my company’s brand image and trust from customers/clients?
  4. What type of disaster recovery plan is in place now?
  5. Is the current plan compliant to industry standards?

If you would like more about disaster recovery plans, check out our free whitepaper for tips and advice of industry information and best practices for compliance.

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