These IaaS Myths Shouldn’t Stop You From Moving To the Cloud

Nearly a decade has passed since the first batch of non-tech/startup companies started moving to IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) clouds. And yet today, we still hear the same reasons why some businesses are holding back from cloud adoption. Many of them are no longer true. In fact, some of them were never true at all. In this.. Read All >

Why Senior Management Has To Support The Business Continuity Plan

When things are going smoothly, many businesses are lulled into thinking that being hit by a serious disaster is highly unlikely. But downplaying the importance of Business Continuity planning has proven to be the undoing of many enterprises. After all, the term disaster covers a wide range of unfortunate events–from natural calamities to widespread cyber-attacks to.. Read All >

These 5 Indicators Show Your Business Is Ready to Move to the Cloud

As the buzzwords of modernization and digital transformation are being used more in conversations, you may be wondering if it’s time for your business to take steps towards moving to the cloud. If you’re still at the crossroads regarding cloud migration, there are a number of indicators that will tell you when the time is.. Read All >

Business Continuity Vs. Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity vs. Disaster Recovery Business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) are two important practices that every organization, regardless of size, should prepare for. The two concepts are closely related and commonly referred to as a single term: Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR).  This trend of recognizing the two as a single process indicates that.. Read All >

What are RTO and RPO and Why You Should Care

A crucial part of every organization’s list of objectives is to be able to get back up and resume operations after a disaster. Disruption in whatever form–database corruption, power outage, SAN failure, or natural disaster, translates to a revenue loss for any enterprise. To minimize such losses, it’s imperative to have a reliable data protection.. Read All >

Why You Need a Multi-Cloud Strategy

              While some companies are still pondering on the right cloud adoption strategy, several businesses have already started taking the next step. These businesses are now looking into a multi-cloud strategy in order to further improve on the success of their current cloud initiatives. But what exactly are the.. Read All >