Whys Guys: 5 Questions to Help Harden Your Network Against Data Breaches

Verizon has published a witty and surprisingly readable 70-page investigation of 2014’s data breach landscape, chock full of snappy Nerdspeak (“kthxbai”), Princess Bride quotes and truly LOL-worthy footnotes all designed to distract you from the fact that even as you read this paragraph your kid’s college fund is being converted to Bitcoins and now lives.. Read All >

Verizon Report: 4 out of 5 Companies Failing Interim PCI Compliance Assessments

Being PCI compliant today is hard enough; being PCI compliant tomorrow is proving nearly impossible. Verizon Enterprise Solutions released its annual report on the state of PCI compliance this month, and among its key findings is that sustaining enterprise-wide data protections between PCI audits is a test more than 80% of companies are failing today… Read All >

Jelecos Hires Josh, Alex, and Lori

We’re showing off our most recent hires – Joshua Hample as Senior Sales Executive, Alex Waugh as Infrastructure Service Manager, and Lori Hill as Project Office Supervisor.  

Nelnet Partners with Jelecos

We’re excited to finally announce our partnership with Nelnet Business Solutions! Headquartered in Lincoln, NE, Nelnet provides tuition management services for K-12 schools, campus commerce solutions for higher education institutions, and payment processing solutions for municipalities, managing a $29 billion portfolio of student loans.